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Apply for our PsyIMPACT programme

Who can apply?Research teams

Funding period2 - 3 years

Funding amount£50,000 - 300,000

Research areaAny area relevant to mental health

PsyIMPACT is our flagship research initiative to support improvements in psychological treatments. 

The PsyIMPACT programme was developed to fill crucial gaps in mental healthcare. Through this programme we fund research to develop and test innovative, theory-driven psychological interventions. The programme aim is to speed up the journey of new interventions from research to clinic - so that people in need can benefit as soon as possible. 


About the programme

We invest a total of £1 million in research toward improving the effective and efficient use of psychological treatment to imprive patient outcomes.  

The Award is open to applications regarding any mental health conditions.

Two types of award are offered:

  • Awards of up to £300,000 will be made for projects of a maximum duration of three years
  • Awards of up to £50,000 will be made for projects lasting no more than two years.

These awards may be used in a variety of ways, including small proof of concept studies or those ensuring that existing data is used to maximum benefit. For example, the proposed research could make use of one or more existing high-quality datasets or conduct a high quality systematic review (of quantitative or qualitative data).


Eligible teams must:

  • Have the skills and experience appropriate to the research plan
  • Be comprised of people with appropriate clinical and research qualifications
  • PI or co-applicants should have an appointment at an accredited research institution
  • Have access to appropriate resources to conduct the study
  • Where patient recruitment is involved, provide evidence of access to the relevant patient group
  • Demonstrate appropriate support from their host research institution
  • Each academic on the team must have an ORCID identifier. 

Eligible Applicants may:

  • Come from any research discipline
  • Come from any country
  • Collaborate with investigators from other non-profit or for-profit organisations, or the NHS or other healthcare provider

Eligible host institutions can be:

  • An NHS trust or other healthcare provider
  • A university or other non-profit organisation with a demonstrable track record in the field
  • A for-profit organisation with demonstrable track record in the field

Applications will be considered ineligible if the application form is submitted

  • In an incomplete state
  • In a format other than requested
  • After the stated deadline

Process and Deadlines

The MQ PsyIMPACT Programme will follow a 2-stage application process.

In Stage 1, Applicants will be asked to complete a Stage 1 statement of intent application form, which is comprised of a 2-page statement of intent detailing their proposed research, and demographic information.

Applicants who are successful at this stage will proceed to Stage 2, where they will be invited to submit a Full Project Proposal.

Please note that these dates refer to our 2015-2016 programme, and as such may change in future.

    • Monday, 1 February 2016 (17:00 BST): Statement of Intent application deadline

Required if you plan to submit a full proposal

    • Tuesday, 8 March 2016: Decision regarding invitation to full Proposal
    • Sunday, 1 May 2016 (17:00 BST): Full Proposal deadline

Open to invited applicants only

    • July 2016: Decision & Award Announcements


What if I win?

The MQ Community

Researchers funded by PsyIMPACT will join a community of our supporters and friends who are championing research progress across all sectors of mental health research.

This provides a unique opportunity to join us in our earliest stages. We aim to build networks and support amongst the research community with enthusiastic and committed investigators in all areas of mental health research. In accepting PsyIMPACT funding, researchers will embrace opportunities to interact with us, our advisers and other stakeholders including at the MQ Annual Science Meeting, to facilitate our aims to build for the future.

 Bi-annual report

Each year, PsyIMPACT researchers will be expected to submit two research reports on their progress. 

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