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MQ celebrity ambassadors

MQ’s celebrity ambassadors are involved with the charity in a wide variety of ways, and have been vital in seeing MQ launch into the public eye. We are delighted to be working with them, and are incredibly grateful for the time and dedication they have put into promoting mental health research.

Melanie Chisholm

Melanie C is a singer, songwriter, actress and TV personality, best known for being one of the five Spice Girls. Her own experience of depression has inspired her support of MQ. 

Why I'm supporting MQ

"I was first diagnosed with depression in 2000. I felt relieved, on one hand, that there was a name for the way I was feeling but I was also scared, because I knew nothing about it and felt quite alone. In recent years mental health issues have been spoken about more openly. This has helped reduce stigma and also made us aware of how prevalent these problems are. 

"I made the decision to work with MQ as I feel their support in researching various mental health issues and their work with young people, are incredibly important."

Julia Bradbury

Julia Bradbury is a TV presenter best known from co-presenting Countryfile. She's also an avid walker and loves exploring the British countryside. 

Why I'm supporting MQ

“I’m really pleased to be an inaugural ambassador for MQ and support mental health research. There are so many unanswered questions about mental illness and we need to work together to demand more for the next generation. 

“I chose to support MQ because I feel that the mental health benefits of being outdoors, and spending time in green spaces are tangible. Working with a charity that is continually seeking ways to understand and improve mental health treatments made a lot of sense to me. I’m passionate about finding out more about the link between mental and physical health. I know walking has a really positive impact on my mental health and am encouraged to find out more about how our bodies and minds work together.”

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