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Take part in research - guiding principles

MQ’s take part in research page allows members of the public to connect with mental health researchers looking for participants, in order to help understand, treat and ultimately prevent mental illness.

All studies uploaded to the platform require approval by MQ staff. To be approved a study must: 

  • Fit within the platform’s remit of helping to understand, treat and ultimately prevent mental illness
  • Be based within a research organisation
  • Have up-to-date ethical approval from an appropriate and qualified ethics committee, including approval for online advertising 

It is the responsibility of researchers to ensure their studies meet these conditions. If a study is extended, then confirmation will be required that these conditions are still met.

MQ does not carry out the studies advertised on the platform and is not responsible for them. If you are concerned that there are reasons a study should not be listed, please contact MQ at

Researchers are responsible for running their study in line with the relevant research protocol and ethical approvals. Enquiries regarding an individual study should be made to the contact provided for that study. Researchers will be able to provide information and advice in line with their research protocol and ethical approvals. MQ will only contact researchers about their study or with information relating to the Take part in research platform.

Individuals interested in taking part in research should carefully decide whether or not they would like to take part. They should discuss any concerns about the study with the researchers involved. If in doubt, they may also wish to contact a healthcare professional. If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, then organisations and services that can provide you with help and advice are listed here. MQ does not collect information regarding participants, who contact researchers, except in the form of anonymised feedback to help improve our services.

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