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Mental Health Science Meeting Agenda 2017

Our Mental Health Science Meeting brings together researchers from across disciplines to explore cutting-edge new ways to understand, treat and prevent mental illness. 

Thursday 2 February

09:45     Registration and coffee

10:00     Welcome: Sophie Dix (MQ) & Jeremy Hall (Cardiff University)

10:15     Keynote 1: Louise Arsenault (King's College London) – “Pervasive and persistent impact of childhood bullying victimization”
Chair: Jeremy Hall (Cardiff University)

Symposium 1: Anxiety and related behaviours        
Chair: Elaine Fox (University of Oxford)

11:00     Susanne Ahmari (University of Pittsburgh) – “Using new technology to identify cortico-striatal activity changes underlying OCD-like behaviors”

11:30     Hugo Critchley (University of Sussex) – “Interoceptive processing as an intervention target for anxiety prevention: Application in Autism”

12:00     Michelle Moulds (University of New South Wales) – “Repetitive Thought in Depression and Anxiety Disorders”

12:30     Discussion

12:50     Lunch and networking

Symposium 2: Early mechanisms of mental illness
Chair: Matt Jones (University of Bristol)

14:00     Ezra Susser (Columbia University) – “Prenatal nutritional deficiencies and neurodevelopmental disorders:  where do we go from here?”

14:30     Beatriz Rico (King’s College London) – “Assembly of inhibitory circuitries and schizophrenia”

15:00     Jonathan Mill (University of Exeter / King’s College London) – “(Epi)genomic pathways to mental health: genes, environment and development”

15:30     Discussion

15:50     Tea / Coffee

16:15     Keynote 2: Carmen Sandi (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) – “Neurodevelopmental trajectories to psychopathology”
Chair: Richard Morris (University of Edinburgh)

17:00 – 19:00     Poster Session

Friday 3rd February

08:30     Registration and coffee 

08:55     Welcome 

Symposium 3: Developmental neurocognitive models
Chair: Francesca Happé (King’s College London)

09:00     Edmund Sonuga-Barke (King’s College London) – “Towards prevention neuroscience for disorders of impulse and attention”

09:30     Frances Rice (Cardiff University) – “Antecedents of adolescent depressive disorder and implications for prevention”

10:00     Graham Murray (University of Cambridge) – “Developmental neurocognitive perspectives on ADHD and schizophrenia”

10:30     Discussion

10:50     Coffee

Symposium 4: Risk factors for mental illness
Chair: Peter Jones (University of Cambridge)

11:10     Jean-Baptiste Pingault (University College London) – “Bullying victimization and mental health: A longitudinal twin study”                

11:40     Myrna Weissman (Columbia University) – “Three generations at high risk for depression”

12:10     Mary Cannon (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland) – “Psychotic symptoms in young people – what do they mean?”

12:40     Discussion

13:00     Lunch and networking 

14:00     Panel Discussion: What good is a diagnosis?
Moderator: Stuart Hughes (Senior world affairs producer, BBC news)
Sally McManus (NatCen Social Research) – Introduction and scene setting


  • Ezra Susser (Columbia University)
  • Simon Wessely (King’s College London / Royal College of Psychiatrists)
  • Miranda Wolpert (University College London)
  • Megan Haste (Mental health blogger)

15:00     Keynote 3: Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg (Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim) – “The social environment and the brain – implications for preventing and treating mental disorders”
Chair: Essi Viding (University College London) 

15:45     Final words: Cynthia Joyce (MQ)

16:00     Meeting close

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