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Psychological treatments priority setting

We’ve joined forces with the medical journal Lancet Psychiatry, uniting therapists and academics to discuss the key themes and emerging priorities for psychological research. 


The background

The development of effective and evidence-based psychological treatments is one of the major triumphs of the last decades. While researchers and industry struggle to produce new drugs for mental health disorders, psychological therapies have helped to deliver acceptable, effective, and safe treatment options. And for many patients, psychological therapies are the treatment of choice, greatly preferred to drugs. 

However major issues remain, which must be addressed to improve the efficacy and efficiency of these treatments. These include questions such as:

  • how do we improve access to treatments, and better leverage the power of new technology and e-therapies?
  • how do we better target treatments, tailoring them for the individual to improve their effectiveness?
  • what is the best conduct for research into psychological treatments - considering factors such as trial design, implementation and interpretation?

Future research priorities for psychological treatments

What has been made clear is that a new path must be mapped out to identify the priorities for psychological treatments research. Which is why we've joined forces with the Journal Lancet Psychiatry, bringing together therapists, and academics from across multiple disciplines, to start this journey. 

At the heart of the project is a desire to make a difference at a global scale for patients, and the wish to use excellent science and methodology with riguor in that process. 

The recommendations are due to appear in a paper to be published shortly. You can also learn more about the project on the Lancet Psychiatry podcast.

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