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Brighter Futures

75% of those living with a mental illness started developing symptoms before the age of 18. Which is why we’re launching a major new programme to tackle mental health conditions where they begin – in young people.

We are investing in a world-leading programme of research, bringing together scientists, clinicians, people with experience of mental health problems and partner organisations to address three of the most pressing challenges in young people’s mental health:

  • Understanding how mental illness develops.
  • Learning how to identify which young people are most at risk.
  • Developing effective interventions for young people and ensuring they are delivered in practice.

The MQ Brighter Futures Programme

Key elements of the research programme

Our research approach is threefold:  

  • We’ll bring together world-leading experts in a major research consortium focused on the early development of mental illness and key risk-factors.
  • We’ll partner on a wide range of projects to turn evidence into practice and improve support for young people.
  • We’ll create a UK-led global network for young people’s mental health research.

We believe that through research we can change the trajectory of mental illness in young people

Research of this scale and ambition requires a truly multidisciplinary approach, with combined expertise from across the biological, psychological and social sciences, alongside the wider fields of education and social care. And the involvement of young people at the heart of our programme.

The MQ Innovation Workshop

The first ever MQ ‘Innovation Workshop’ on young people’s mental health took place in March 2017.

Over three days, the workshop brought together multidisciplinary researchers, to work in teams to develop and pitch big ideas that will transform young people’s mental health. Up to £2 million has been made available to support the winning projects through three-year consortium funding. The chosen projects will be announced later in 2017. 

Our manifesto for young people's mental health

The great shifts in healthcare in recent generations have only happened as a result of coordinated research agendas and leadership.

Our manifesto for young people's mental health charts a path forward - identifying how the general public, researchers, and government can come together to make our vision of transforming young people's mental health a reality. 

Download our Manifesto for young people's mental health (PDF).

Swear to tackle mental illness

Our vision is a bold one. Which is why we’re getting the general public and researchers involved in a public campaign to put young people’s mental health on the agenda.

We’re swearing to do everything we can to tackle young people’s mental health. Will you join us and swear to help?

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