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Workplace mental health

  • 6 in 10 people say poor mental health impacts their concentration at work
  • 70 million work days are lost each year in the UK because of poor mental health
  • £105 billionis lost each year to the UK economy because of poor mental health

About mental health in the workplace

Work can give us purpose and motivation in life. But for many people, work is a highly stressful environment and this means it can be a damaging place for their mental health.

Many employers are beginning to get to grips with this challenge – recognising the impact that the workplace can have on their staff. As a result these organisations and businesses are finding ways to promote positive mental health, and help people who may be struggling.

Take action

Partner with us and help drive forward mental health

Could your workplace be doing more?

We’ve worked with international business leaders, academics and experts to create seven-step guide towards a mentally healthy workplace. This provides a helpful resource for employees who want to take action, and employers who want to create a more mentally healthy organisation.

Need help?

The Farmer-Stevenson review, commissioned by the Prime Minster in 2017, set out the core principles and standards for employers to commit to in order to improve workplace mental health. Their report Thriving at Work  draws on evidence and best-practice from over 200 employers.

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