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Our partner network

Our goal of transforming mental health, for the millions of people affected worldwide, is an ambitious one.

We're proud to have already worked with some incredible companies and charities. But we know we can't rely on their support alone. Achieving our vision will require the assistance of an ever-growing global commmunity of supporters and partners. 

We're always looking for help so if you share a passion to transform mental health, get in touch

Our founders

We were originally set-up with generous support from the Wellcome Trust and the Institute of Social Psychiatry (ISP).

They boldly helped to launch the organisation, providing seed-funding in 2009 to create 'the Cancer Research UK of mental health'. They have made our initial research possible, and put us on a firm financial footing to begin our mission in earnest. 

Our research partners

We’re committed to partnering with other research organisations, charities and scientific bodies so we can share ideas, maximise resources, and carry out transformative projects.

We’ve already begun setting shared priorities and funding joint research grants. Most recently we established a joint research prize with Arthritis Research UK, Autistica, and the Broad Institute as part of our Fellows Award. And we're proud to be partnering with Swansea University to develop our MQ Adolescent Data Platform for Mental Health Research.

We are a partner member of the FRAYME network, which is working to create effective integrated systems of care and improving youth mental health services and supports.

If you are interested in joining forces to further our understanding of mental health, please get in touch.

Our corporate partners

We’re working with forward-thinking companies to ensure the question of mental health, specifically in the workplace, is answered with the highest quality research the scientific community can offer. 

Q5, is backing our mission to reshape employee wellbeing and achieve lasting change with the power of research.

Howard Kennedy supported MQ in 2016/2017 as their chosen charity of the year, and has joined forces with us for a second year too, to help make a real difference.

We are working with OOH powerhouse Kinetic, to make mental health research the focus on their fantastic charitable support for 2017/2018

If your company believes in better business, and a new standard of mental health for your staff, then contact us.

Our memberships

Taking on mental health is a big challenge, requiring the best work from the brightest minds. We therefore subscribe to the highest standards in everything we do, from our research to our fundraising. 

We are proud members of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) and the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB), adhering to best in class recommendations for responsible and ethical activity across all our work. 


We are also members of a number of alliances, promoting mental health and research, to help transform lives. This includes the Alliance of Mental Health Research Funders, the International Alliance of Mental Health Research Funders, and the Child Outcomes Research Consortium.

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