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OCD, new research and celebrities swearing: our top 4 blogs this October

October's been a big month for us at MQ - we've been swearingpodcasting and launching new research projects. Take a look at our top 4 blogs from the month. 

1. A new way of thinking about OCD

Lucie Claire and Rose doing a podcast
Rose Bretecher and Claire Gillan join the MQ Open Mind podcast to talk about OCD. Rose tells her own story of living with the condition and quizzes Claire about the fascinating research on the repetitive thinking that's characteristic of the condition. 

2. MQ announces £1.5m of new research to take on depression and suicide in young people

Little boy looking out to the lake in the park
We announced our two new projects, IDEA and HOPES, taking on mental illness in young people as part of our Brighter Futures programme worth £1.5 million.

3. This World Mental Health Day new famous faces swear to take on mental illness

Our We Swear campaign kicked off again with some new celebrity faces swearing with us. 

4. Research into suicide could have saved my daughter’s life

We were honoured to share Trevor's story this month. Trevor lost his daughter to suicide when she was just 19 years old. He writes about the pain of losing his daughter and why research into suicide could transform lives. 

Last updated: 7 November 2017

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