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Our new mental health podcast – MQ Open Mind

MQ Open Mind podcast launches today, the show looking at the science behind mental health and its potential to transform lives.

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Is depression caused by the immune system? What does it feel like to live with social anxiety? Could an algorithm end the trial-and-error approach to mental health treatment? 

These are some of the questions we’ve taken on so far in MQ Open Mind – our new podcast, which lauches today. 

We chat to people who have faced the reality of mental illness, from social anxiety to bipolar II. They discuss the challenges they’ve had to overcome and their hopes for the future. They’re joined by researchers talking about the cutting-edge science which could transform the lives of people like them. 

Episode 1: Could problems with our immune system cause depression?

We open the series with Carmine Pariante, Professor of Biological Psychiatry at Kings College London. Carmine is at the forefront of research that experts call "one of the strongest discoveries in psychiatry for the last 20 years" – looking at whether our immune system could be causing depression. This understanding could transform the way we treat the condition. Carmine tells us more about this fascinating potential breakthrough and why he thinks the immune system is causing changes in mood

Episode 2: Could an algorithm end the trial-and-error approach to mental health treatment?

Our second episode looks at how we can get more personalised treatments in mental health. Currently, people can wait months, sometimes even years, before they’re given a treatment that’s the right fit for them. It’s an experience that Mark Brown, mental health advocate and blogger, knows about this only too well. He tells us about the reality of living with bipolar II and his search for the right treatment. Mark’s joined by Zach Cohen, a researcher looking to create an algorithm that could predict the best treatment option for someone – this cutting-edge technology could take out the guess work in how we select treatments.

Episode 3: The reality of life with social anxiety and the app that could help

In our third episode, we speak to Claire Eastham, mental health blogger at We’re All Mad Here and Professor John Powell, researcher at Oxford University. Claire describes what it’s like to live with anxiety – from hiding at parties when she was a child, to the interview that lead her to getting a diagnosis. She takes the opportunity to quiz Professor John Powell, an MQ-funded researcher who’s testing an online tool to help relieve the symptoms of social anxiety. Could this app really transform the lives of people like Claire?

Future episodes…

MQ Open Mind will dig deep into the most exciting research taking on mental illness and speak to the people it could help. Subscribe to hear from a neuroscientist who was diagnosed with depression, a firefighter’s struggle with PTSD, the researcher who’s tackling mental health in emergency workers, and lots more…

The podcast was developed using resources from the Milto Goulandris Mental Health Intelligence Library. 

Last updated: 13 November 2017

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