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Pam's story

Life at School

At school I remember everyone choosing best friends, but I found it hard to make one friend. I was always over-thinking things – ‘have I hurt their feelings?’, ‘do they even like me?’ and things like that. I was the odd one out, and I was bullied for years. So I often missed school, pretending to be ill.

I honestly didn’t know I needed help. It was only because one of the teachers was worried about my attendance that she wanted to investigate what was wrong. She referred me to different places for support. I remember thinking it was a waste of time – going here, going there, it made me feel so tired and useless all of the time.

Holding onto hope

Before you know it, you’re an ‘adult with mental health problems’. After all these years, I still feel like life is passing me by, but I can’t see how I can change things. I just wish I didn’t have this burden dragging me down. I sometimes feel so low, helpless and overwhelmingly tired. Other times I feel terrified, tense and jumpy – and even now, sometimes I’m too scared to even go outside. I’m not the kind of person who expects a lot from life.

When I feel low, I try to stay positive by reading and I like singing too. I would just like to be happy and maybe have a husband, who would love me unconditionally. There’s always hope.

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What MQ means to me

What MQ means to me MQ means that mental illness might one day be seen in the same way as a physical illness. You’d be diagnosed quickly and treated with more effective drugs or therapies. There wouldn’t be a stigma around it, and people would understand what you’re going through.

I can’t even imagine how different, how much better my life would be if we lived in a world like that. In the not so distant future, maybe people will look back at 2016 and find it incredible that people knew so little about the illness that was destroying their lives. But that can only happen if we invest in more research as quickly as possible

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