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5 people swearing to tackle mental illness

On average, around three children in every classroom live with a diagnosable mental health condition.

Most will have to wait years for help – the average time between a young person first experiencing symptoms and first getting support is a decade. Even when they do see a professional, only a quarter will get care that’s appropriate for their age and condition.

At MQ we've sworn to tackle this - funding a major new programme of activity to transform young people's mental health. And we're asking you to stand by us too - and swear to help

Here are some of the people who've already laid down their committment:

Emma Wilson

"We all have mental health, just like we all have physical health. Investing in mental health research is crucial to improving the lives of the one in four of us who have encountered mental health problems."

Nikki Warby

"I am swearing my support as I feel the current mental health system needs to be updated, streamlined and more accessible. I swear people should not be avoiding conversations on mental health. These conversations need and should be happening, in schools, in the office, in the community, in parliament and even at the pub!"

Jennifer Wild

"Most mental health problems start in adolescence. Together we can develop effective treatments to prevent these problems from becoming chronic and changing the course of young people’s lives."

Stuart Hughes

"Because mental illness affects whole families not just patients".

Giovanna Lilli

"Because helping the young generations to beat mental illness must be our priority."

Will you swear to help? 

Now you've heard from others why they're swearing to tackle mental illness - will you join them? 

Swear to help

Will you help us to tackle mental illness?

Last updated: 1 November 2016

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