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Business leaders must take a stand on mental health

From the Boardroom to the nursery, there is indeed “no health without mental health.” Mental health parity is not here yet, but business can play a major role in helping us achieve it.

Our former Chairman, Dennis Stevenson, has spoken out on the importance of dealing with mental health in the workplace for many years, stating:

“Virtually everyone reading this will have been touched by mental ill health either personally or in their family. To anyone reading this in a position of any authority in business – or indeed in any employing situation – I send the following plea. Please be aware that  business has a vital role to play in creating such widespread acceptance of mental health as a “normal” illness.”

Full parity for mental health problems will not be realised until we make the search for treatment improvements as important as the search for new treatments for physical illnesses such as heart disease or cancer.  This issue is as important for business as it is for families and communities.  We need new treatments that support people at work or help them return them to work earlier.

We need treatments that improve quality of life – even in periods of high stress. We need to move to a situation where mental health therapies are talked about in everyday conversation just like we talk about exercise & diet for cardiovascular disease.

MQ has been formed to help lead efforts to develop these treatment improvements.  We are working with scientists, clinicians and employers as well as  patients and their families to identify and address high priority research questions.  We aim to accelerate the development of better treatments now, and for the generations following us.

Last updated: 1 June 2016

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