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‘Dragons Den’ research funding programme for adolescent mental health opens

We’re excited to announce up to £2 million of funding for a three-year research consortia focused on young people’s mental health.

The consortia is to be selected through an Innovation Workshop, hosted by MQ early next year.

Guided by facilitators, the participants at this workshop will come together in multi-disciplinary teams to develop new innovative ideas to tackle mental illness in young people – specifically targeting the ages 10 to 24. These will then be pitched to the advisory group on the final day, to receive the full £2 million in funding.

We are also setting aside up to £150,000 in incubator funding for small projects arising from the workshop that would benefit from seed funding.

The research focus will be finding solutions to the growing crisis of mental illness in young people. With 75% of mental illness beginning before the age of 18, we believe that if we can put research to work to address this problem, we can fundamentally change the trajectory of mental illness in young people. 

We recently launched our major new research programme to tackle this issue head on – of which this consortium project is a central aspect.

Applications for the workshop have opened today. Candidates can be those already working within mental health science, as well as those from outside the field whose skill-sets and tool-kits may yet offer special relevance. Crucially, we’re looking for innovators with big ideas to transform young people’s mental health.

Participants in workshop should be able to apply their knowledge, skills and experience across disciplines areas, and different fields, to develop innovative research with the potential to impact Young People’s mental health.

Applications close on 20th December 2016. More information is available on the programme here.

Last updated: 1 November 2016

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