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"If I’d had my diagnosis earlier, I’d be in a completely different place now"

Georgia feels like a lack of understanding around mental health has meant her life has been put on hold, here she blogs about why, for her, research means hope. 

If I’d had my diagnosis earlier, I’d be in a completely different place now – I could be teaching, I could’ve gone to Uni.

But instead it feels like my life’s been put on hold because I’m not stable enough to do these things.

I’ve had mental health issues since I was 14, but I’d been struggling for much longer than that. I’ve probably had mental health issues since I was about 9 or 10-ish. 

The initial diagnosis was from my GP, but since then different health professionals have all had different opinions.

It was a huge relief to finally get a diagnosis that made sense after more than 10 years.

To know there’s a name for it, there are other people who have it – there’s a treatment!

I’ve tried various types of medications, antidepressants, antipsychotics, sleeping pills. I’ve tried a lot of things and none of them have helped.

It’s frustrating. I can only do so much on my own and if I could find a medication that would work, then I feel it could make a big difference.

I don’t feel that medication is the answer but I do believe that it can really help people.  

It’s a chemical imbalance and you can’t do anything about that if you don’t find meds that work – you’re stuck.

It’s so difficult to do anything if you don’t know if your mood will be through the roof or through the floor.

I’ve lost a lot of friends along the way and had relationship problems because some found my illnesses too difficult to handle.

And I lost my job mainly due to my mental health. They would tell me you’re a really good worker when you’re here, but you’re just not dependable.

Because of my mental health, I wasn’t reliable enough for them. It’s frustrating because I want to be working.

Mental health is such an under-researched area, and I think so much more needs to happen.

I worry, if I were to have children, how likely is it that I would pass it on? Research brings hope and encouragement.

I know how difficult it can be – and I really want to help reduce the amount of people who go through that.

If I could possibly make a difference to just one person, that would be huge.

Last updated: 2 March 2017

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