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MQ announces £1 million in funding for psychological treatments research

£1 million in funding has been announced for new research to make psychological treatments more effective for more people.

Five new projects will drive forward our understanding of how psychological treatments work – across a range of mental health conditions. They are specifically focused on developing and testing theory-driven interventions to target the development or relapse of mental illness.  

The projects include:

The projects are being funded through our PsyIMPACT programme, which is now in its second year. Psychological therapies are the treatment of choice for many people with a mental health condition – and are the recommended first course of treatment for a range of conditions. But only 11.3% of UK mental health research is spent on improving these therapies. 

MQ’s PsyIMPACT programme is a unique funding stream set up to fill these significant gaps. 

Cynthia Joyce, Chief Executive of MQ, commented:

“These pioneering projects will help mental health science to develop a better understanding of how psychological therapies work, improve current interventions, and ultimately save lives. They provide hope that we can reduce the suffering caused by mental illness globally by preventing the relapse of a condition, or of it even developing in the first place”.

Find out more about our PsyIMPACT programme and our previous awardees.

Last updated: 26 July 2017

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