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Why are women twice as likely to develop anxiety?

Research has shown that women are at a far greater risk of developing an anxiety disorder compared to men, but why? 

This is the question we explore in the latest MQ Open Mind podcast. The discussion covers some of the social issues, like the poverty, sexual assault and the roles that women play in society with researcher Olivia Remes and journalist Ellen Scott. 

You can also hear about the role that biology and hormones play. MQ-funded researcher Dr Bronwyn Graham talks about her research looking at the hormone oestrogen and its impact on anxiety. Oestrogen fluctuates in women because of the menstrual cycle and is also chronically suppressed when women take the hormonal contraceptive pill.

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In a new study recently published, Bronwyn has found that women are less likely to respond to anxiety treatments if they have low levels of oestrogen. With 50% of people not responding to anxiety treatment, this research offers ways that we can improve outcomes for women.

Listen to it on Podbean (Android) or iTunes (Apple). 

Last updated: 18 February 2019

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