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Maximising the impact of MQ-funded research

MQ is committed to the goal of funding research that in the short or long term is likely to make a tangible difference in reducing the suffering caused by mental illness. This is reflected in our vision statement: MQ exists to create a world where mental illness is understood, effectively treated and ultimately, prevented. 

Our diverse portfolio of research programmes reflects this commitment: the projects we fund will either directly or indirectly improve diagnosis, treatment and care options, and lead to a better understanding of health and illness.

We fund work across the spectrum of research disciplines: from basic discovery science to public mental health interventions, MQ is working to bring the power of many kinds of research to bear on mental illness. 

MQ pledges to invest our research funding wisely and to its best effect. We make this promise to each and every one of our supporters. 

We commit to ensuring that every project we fund has the best possible opportunity of making an impact:  

  • The stated terms of all funding programmes includes a requirement of a reasonable likelihood of impact.
  • Accordingly, every applicant has to indicate the path by which their proposed work can either directly or indirectly find its way into clinic or other practices, behaviours or policies.
  • And in turn, every committee assessing projects explicitly assesses these statements. Whether committee member or referee, the MQ review process ensures that an individual capable of independently assessing the anticipated pathway to impact is a reviewer of the project.

We commit to routinely assessing and reporting on the impact of our research investments. We do this using standards set out by the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) as well as our own internal criteria.1 

We commit to collaborating. Some research may be beyond our scope at present, so for this reason, MQ can and does work with other organisations, including Government and industry, to maximise the impact of large scale projects.

We promise to ensure that MQ supporters receive regular reports and updates on our progress to this goal.  And we are committed to providing opportunities for supporters to engage with our researchers and scientific advisors.

Our approach requires MQ to use its discretion – impact is certainly not the only criterion for excellent research. But a charity which values greatly the generosity of its donors needs to seek consistently a substantive social return on investment. 

The Trustees of MQ are responsible for ensuring that MQ meets our commitment to this pledge.

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