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Imaging 5Ht7 antagonist effects in bipolar disorder

We are looking for both healthy adults and people with bipolar disorder, aged 18-60, to take part in our research study.

Participants will attend a health check screening to assess eligibility and suitable participants will be invited to take part in the study, which involves a baseline assessment day and two scanning days.

Participants will take a medication called JNJ-18038683 for one week and placebo for one week before each scan visit. JNJ-18038683, blocks the 5HT7 receptor and may be a promising new treatment for cognitive impairment in people with bipolar disorder. On each scanning day, participants will then have an MRI brain scan whilst completing computer tasks, complete a variety of mood questionnaires, and have another physical exam.


We are looking for:

You may not be able to take part if you:

  • have a serious medical or neurological condition
  • are taking certain medications
  • have allergies to JNJ-18038683 or other medications with 5HT7 antagonist properties such as lurasidone or vortioxetine
  • have recreational drug use
  • cannot have an MRI scan
  • are not using an effective contraceptive method, plan to get pregnant in the next three months, or if you are currently pregnant or breast feeding.


  • London


You will be paid £200 to compensate you for your time if you complete the study. We will also reimburse reasonable travel expenses and provide you with lunch during the scanning sessions.

Contact information:

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