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Investigating attention patterns in young people with varying levels of anxiety

We know that adolescence is a sensitive time and can result in raised levels of anxiety; for the majority these concerns disappear very quickly, but for a small number of individuals these concerns can negatively impact on their wellbeing and adjustment.

It has been shown that the way individuals focus their attention can contribute to anxiety symptoms. We have developed a new computerised intervention that aims to modify the way that young people focus their automatic attention and are looking for potential participants for a study testing this intervention. We are looking for young people (aged 12-18) who are experiencing high levels of anxiety.

The programme involves completing up to 12 sessions and you will be offered gift vouchers up to £110 as a thank you for your time.



We are looking for:

Individuals who:

  • Experience strong feelings of anxiety or have a diagnosis of Generalised Anxiety Disorder and/or Social Anxiety Disorder.
  • Are 12-18 years old - those aged between 12 and 16 years will require written parental/guardian consent to take part
  • Have normal or corrected-to-normal vision.
  • Are not currently receiving treatment for anxiety.
  • Are not currently taking medication such as SSRIs (we can discuss this with you in greater detail to assess your eligibility).


  • London


Participants will be offered gift vouchers with an equivalent value of £10 per session, as a gesture of thanks for taking part.

We provide the majority of the gift voucher compensation after the 4 week intervention period (£100 if in the active group and £20 if in the control group), and then the final £10 upon the final follow visit another 8 weeks later.

Depending on which ‘attention training’ arm you are assigned to, this will total either £110 or £30.

Contact information:

Please contact STEPHEN for more information.


Phone: 020 7848 0978

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