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Single-session combination treatment for panic disorder

Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) is an effective talking treatment for anxiety disorders, but courses are long and difficult to access. However, we have recently shown that even a single session of CBT already has an effect on anxiety. On the other hand, research has shown that a simple blood pressure medication called losartan can improve cognition and memory.

In this study, we would like to test whether combining a single-session of CBT with losartan can improve effects on anxiety, and what the underlying brain mechanisms of such an enhancement effect are. It is hoped that the knowledge gained from this study will contribute to the improvement of treatment for people who experience distressing panic attacks and anxiety disorders.


We are looking for:

  • Male or Female, aged 18 years or above
  • Experience of panic attacks and some lifestyle changes as a result of those attacks
  • No history of epilepsy or another neurological disorder, or other severe diseases
  • No history of psychotic disorder, bipolar disorder, alcohol or substance abuse
  • Not pregnant or breast-feeding
  • Not currently on certain regular heart medication
  • Not having been on antidepressant medication during the last 6 weeks


  • South East


If you take part in this study, you will be paid £70 for participation, and we are happy to reimburse reasonable travel expenses and, in some cases, accommodation. In addition, you will receive one session of CBT for your panic symptoms, and we hope that you will find this useful.

Contact information:

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