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The co-development of sensory reactivity and mental health symptoms in autistic children

Many autistic children perceive the sensory world around us differently. Some autistic children for example are overwhelmed by sounds. This can make everyday situations challenging. Being overly sensitive has also been linked to anxiety. This project will explore if sensory reactivity can predict later anxiety and related mental health symptoms.

To do so we will follow autistic children for two years, starting at age four. We will ask caregivers questions about their child’s anxiety level and how their child reacts to the sensory world around them. We will also observe children’s reactions towards sensory stimuli directly, such as different sounds. Understanding sensory processing and the relationship to anxiety better will help us to understand autistic children and their needs better. 


We are looking for:

We are looking for autistic children who are four years old.


  • London
  • South East


Participants will get reimbursed for their time and children will receive a surprise prize at the end of each visit.

Contact information:

For more information contact Teresa:


Phone: 07719477410

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