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We Swear to take on mental illness

It’s time to give a ****

Three children in an average classroom live with a mental illness. Until now a lack of research means too many grow up in the dark, without effective help and without hope.

We're bringing together world-leading scientists to find answers and improve treatments.

We swear to take it on, if you swear to help.

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Add your voice to demand progress for young people facing mental illness

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Thanks for adding your voice to demand progress for young people facing mental illness. We'll be in touch with more ways you can get involved.

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How you can swear to help

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We’ll do everything in our power to take on mental illness in young people, but we need you to help fund our life-changing research.


How we’re taking it on

Research has the power to give every young person with mental illness a better future. Find out more.

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