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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is hitting mental health hard. Experts are warning of a rise in mental health conditions after COVID-19, but with action in research now, this could be avoided. It’s possible to make a difference – but we must act now.

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Why we need to learn more about stress and resilience in unpaid carers

3 July 2020

In the UK, around 1 in 8 adults are carers, with 1.3 million people estimated to be providing care for over 50 hours a week.  The  COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly added an extra layer of complexity for many carers.  Understanding why some carers remain resilient under this long-term pressure and burden, while others develop anxiety and depression, is vital in order to identify new targets for intervention. That’s why Emma Wilson is are running an online study that looks at resilience and distress in unpaid carers. Find out more and sign up via Participate. 

Addressing the community response to our mental health research roadmap for COVID-19

26 June 2020

In April, we worked alongside the Academy of Medical Sciences outlining the priorities for a mental health research response to coronavirus, which was published in the Lancet Psychiatry. The Lancet has since published a further paper that builds on the community's response, outlining five areas that need to be at the front and centre of the ongoing mental health research response to the pandemic. 

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