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It's time to take on mental illness

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1 in 4
people are affected by mental illness each year

Research has the power to transform young people's lives. We swear to take it on, if you swear to help.

We are funding world leading research that will have life-changing impact

Can we identify the young people most at risk of depression?

Analysing research, healthcare data and the lived-experience of 10-24 year olds from four different countries, MQ-funded researchers hope to find universal risk factors for depression.

We are MQ

We want to create a world where mental illnesses are understood, effectively treated and one day made preventable

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Together we can do it

Join us and thousands of others in tackling mental illness

A community devoted to changing mental health

We're swearing to tackle mental illness

We're going to transform mental health for the next generation

Latest from MQ

Does being victimised cause self-harm and suicide?

18 April 2018

Research suggests that when a person is victimised – either through maltreatment, bullying or being a victim of crime – they are more likely to think about suicide, self-harm and attempt to end their life. But is this because of the victimisation itself? Or are there other factors at play? We take a look at researcher Jessie Baldwin's work, which hopes to find out.

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