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You can help fund research that leads to better treatments, better support and faster diagnoses for everyone affected by mental illnesses. This benefits the entire future of mental health — and that benefits us all.

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We are leading the charge to fund research into mental health that will change millions of lives. Here's how.

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Mental health research is vastly underfunded, so we connect scientists with supporters to create innovation that saves lives.

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Research leads to better treatments and support. Our end goal — A world with better mental health for all.

Approachable advocacy

We make it easy to contribute to the betterment of humanity’s mental health. This is how we make a difference.


The adventure of a lifetime

On the 5th – 9th September 2024 you can be part of a MQ team taking on the Iceland Fire and Ice trek. Have an adventure and raise money for vital mental health research.

It’s time to address mental illness together

With your help, our researchers are making groundbreaking progress to better understand, diagnose and treat mental illness. We're all in this together.
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Learn how mental health research changes lives and how you can get involved with this important work.

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We fund top scientists who develop groundbreaking research projects to transform how we approach mental illness.

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