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MQ Mental Health Science Meeting Agenda 2019

Every year, our Mental Health Science Meeting brings together researchers across different disciplines to explore cutting-edge new ways to understand, treat and prevent mental illness. 


Dates: 7-8 February, 2019

Location: Royal College of Physicians, 11 St Andrews Place, London NW1 4LE

Theme: Transforming mental health throughout the life course

Thursday, 7th February

08:30 Registration and coffee

09:30 Welcome: Sophie Dix, MQ: Transforming Mental Health & Essi Viding, University College London

09.40 Keynote 1: Sonia Johnson, University College London – “Should we prioritise social and self-management interventions in efforts to improve mental health outcomes through research?”
Chair: Essi Viding

10:30 Symposium 1: “Loneliness and mental health: a two-way relationship?”
Chairs: Charly Cox & Til Wykes

10:30     Pamela Qualter, University of Manchester – “Children’s Experiences of Loneliness”

10:55     Luc Goossens, KU Leuven – “Loneliness in Adolescence”

11:20     Timothy Matthews, King’s College London – “Lonely young adults in modern Britain: Findings from an epidemiological cohort study”

11:45     Jude Stansfield, Public Health England – “A Public Mental Health approach to loneliness”

12:10     Discussion

12:30 Lunch and networking

13:30 Symposium 2: “Tracking the life-long effects of mental illness”
Chairs: Andrew McIntosh & Arden Tomison

13:30     Bill Fulford, University of Oxford – “Montgomery and mental health: shared decision-making based on evidence and values”

13:55     Rogier Kievit, University of Cambridge – “It’s about time: Understanding how mental health changes”

14:20   Jessica Agnew-Blais, King’s College London – “Understanding the course of ADHD across the lifespan: the importance of longitudinal cohorts”

14:45     Philip Shaw, National Institutes of Health (NIH) – “Understanding the different adult outcomes of childhood ADHD”

15:10     Discussion

15:30 Tea & Coffee 

16:00 Rapid-fire talks 
ChairMatt Jones

Shana Silverstein, National Institute of Mental Health & University College London – “Observational fear learning: from mouse to man”

Hjördis Lorenz, University of Oxford – “Let the CAT out of the bag: A new measure to assess concrete and abstract thinking (CAT)”

Stephanie Lewis, King’s College London – “Current Prevalence, Trends, and Gaps in Diagnoses in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services: A Clinical Record Study”

Joshua Buckman, University College London – “The Stratified Medicine Approaches for Treatment Selection (SMART) Mental Health Prediction Tournament”

16:30 Keynote 2: Michael Ungar, Dalhousie University – “Diagnosing resilience: A multisystemic model for positive development in stressed environments”
Chair: Ian Goodyer

17:20 Poster Session 

19:20 Drinks & Networking: The Albany, 240 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 5QU

Friday, 8th February

08:30 Registration and coffee 

08:55 Welcome: Sophie Dix, MQ: Transforming Mental Health

09:00 Symposium 3: “Mind and matter: intersections of physical and mental health”
Chairs: Andrea Corbett & Matthew Hotopf

09:00     Andrew Steptoe, University College London– “Mental health and the heart: how depression and anxiety influence, and are influenced by, heart disease”

09:25     Bridget Callaghan, Columbia University – “Brain, Mind, Body: How our early environments shape brain-gut communication across development”

09:50     Clare Llewellyn, University College London – “Obesity: a matter of the mind, body and behaviour”

10:15     Simon Gilbody, University of York – “Smoke free mental health services: from rhetoric to reality”

10:40     Discussion

11:00 Tea & Coffee

11:30 Keynote 3: Joshua Gordon, National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) – “NIMH priorities and progress"
Chair: Irene Tracey

12:20 Panel Discussion: “Can research ‘move the needle’ on mental illness?”

Chair: Kate Kelland, Health and Science Correspondent, Reuters 

Louise Arsenault, Professor of Developmental Psychology, King’s College London

Sarah Carr, Senior Fellow in Mental Health Policy, Institute for Mental Health, University of Birmingham

Joshua Gordon, Director, National Institute of Mental Health

Tim Kendall, National Clinical Director for Mental Health, NHS England

Ed Whiting, Director of Policy and Chief of Staff, Wellcome Trust

13:15 Lunch and networking

14:15 Rapid-fire talks
Chair: Ann John

Alexandra Schmidt, University of Sussex – “Physical activity and depression: Do the beneficial effects extend to individuals with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)?”

Urska Kosir, University of Oxford – “Relationship between physical symptoms and psychological well-being in adults with soft tissue sarcoma”

Radhika Kandaswamy, King’s College London – “DNA methylome marks of exposure to psychosocial stress during adolescence: Analysis of a novel longitudinal MZ discordant twin study”

Sophie Li, University of New South Wales – “Are women’s catastrophic beliefs ovary-actions? Progesterone levels predict reductions in phobic avoidance following cognitive restructuring in women with spider phobia”

14:45 Symposium 4: “Tackling suicide and self-harm”
Chairs: Gregor Henderson & Paul McGregor

14:45     Rory O’Connor, University of Glasgow – “Psychological Processes and Suicidal Behaviour”

15:10     Becky Mars, Bristol University – “Transitions from suicidal thoughts to attempts”

15:35     Ellen Townsend, University of Nottingham – “The Card Sort Task for Self-Harm: An innovative method for investigating the complexity and temporal dynamics of self-harm”

16:00     Reinhard Lindner, University of Kassel – “Multimorbidity and the wish for assisted suicide”

16:25     Discussion

16:45 Poster & travel prizes and closing remarks

17:00 Meeting close 

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